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Obligatory Statement

Executive health care.

Because at Internistenpraxis Alstertal we recognise that time is at a premium for managers, we also offer a Full Executive Health Check-Up on Saturdays especially for senior executives. Apart from the services provided by Internistenpraxis Alstertal, the Full Executive Health Check-Up also includes an ENT check and eye testing with the respective external specialists.

Saturday appointments maximise efficient co-ordination and allow us to concentrate on your health assessment undistracted by everyday practice routine. The check-up takes approx. 6 hours. We always try to ensure that first laboratory results are available for the final discussion with your physician at the end of your visit.

For further information on a Full Executive Health Check-Up, or to make an appointment, please call us direct on 040 – 69 21 16 89. We will be happy to advise you personally.

A regular Full Executive Health Check-Up gives managers the security they need for their future planning, evaluating the status and functionality of all key organs, circulatory system and metabolism.

The Check-Up comprises:

Physical examination
Stress ECG
Ultrasound cardiac scan (colour echocardiography)
Ultrasound scan of abdominal organs (colour coded)
Ultrasound thyroid scan
Pulmonary function test
Thoracic X-ray
Cancer screening (men)
Bone density test (women)
Brain vessel scan (duplex Doppler)
External: ENT and ophthalmology screening
Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics
Detailed diagnosis discussion and advice
Written status report for the patient

The services provided within the Full Executive Health Check-Up will be charged for on the basis of the official scale for medical fees (GOÄ). Please ask for a firm quotation.

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Saturday appointments
incl. ENT and ophthalmology screening.