Internistenpraxis Alstertal, Hamburg : Zentrum für Diagnostik und Gesundheits-Vorsorge
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Obligatory Statement

What you can expect to find.

At your disposal: our team of physicians and staff with all their professional qualifications plus cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and equipment.

We can offer:
Physical examinations
Stress ECG, long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure monitoring
Ultrasound cardiac scans (colour echocardiography, stress and transoesophageal echocardiography)
Ultrasound scans of abdominal organs (colour coded)
Ultrasound thyroid scans
Colonoscopy (endoscopic examination of the large intestine)
Gastroscopy (endoscopic examination of the stomach)
Pulmonary function tests
Thoracic X-rays (heart and lung)
Sleep apnoea screening
Cancer screening (men)
Bone density tests (women)
Ultrasound scans of brain vessels, lower limb veins and arteries
(duplex Doppler sonography)
Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics
Detailed diagnosis discussion and advice
Optional written status reports for patients

If a medical indication is present (e.g. referral by patient's GP) costs will be carried by the state-operated insurance system. Any further services will be charged for on the basis of the official scale for medical fees (GOÄ).

Internistenpraxis Alstertal
Harksheider Straße 3
22399 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 – 606 10 78
Fax: 040 – 606 42 45


Prescription hotline (day & night):
040 – 60 84 87 42

Our quality management system ensures swift and efficient service.